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Talent Application

  1. Frisco Freedom Fest Community Stage Application
  2. Interested in also performing the National Anthem? Please note here and provide video/audio samples in the "URL to recent performance" section.
  3. Interested in performing the National Anthem? Please provide performance example here.
  4. We need additional information about you and/or your group that will be used to introduce you/your group if selected to play at Freedom Fest. Please provide a short biography and limit copy to 300 words. Please include your name/names of performers in your group; information on how long you and/or your group have been performing; musical influences and any other information you would like publicized if you are chosen like social media pages and a website address. Applicants who do not submit biographical information will not be consider for the Frisco Freedom Fest Community Stage.
  5. We ask that our performers be Frisco residents or part of the Frisco ISD community.
  6. I have read and agree to all terms and conditions outlined in this application.*
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